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Ventilation Program

The Rhode Island Rebounds Ventilation Program is a statewide effort to improve indoor air quality in an effort to reduce the transmission rate of COVID-19 and support small businesses recovery.

Make sure to select RI Small Business Coalition as your intermediary when applying!

Program Structure

Small business owners or authorized representatives will apply online to a selected intermediary. The online application will include information about their small business. After submitting their application, the applicant will be asked to submit follow up documentation to their intermediary.

For completed projects seeking reimbursement – paid invoice or receipt
Only projects or purchases completed after March 3, 2021 are eligible for reimbursement through this program.
For proposed projects seeking approval for future reimbursement – quote, invoice, or purchase order

Intermediaries will review and approve applications. If approved, the small business owner will provide paid invoices or receipts clearly documenting completed work for review and reimbursement.

Program Eligibility Requirements:

  • Have less than $1 million in annual gross revenues

  • Not be disbarred in the federal System of Account Management (SAM)

  • Not be permanently closed

  • Have been open and operating prior to October 1, 2021

  • Not be a nationally or regionally owned franchise

  • Be a Rhode Island business or nonprofit

  • Demonstrate a negative impact from the COVID-19 pandemic

Eligible Projects or Purchases:

  • Purchasing and installing a higher-grade filter within an existing air handling unit

  • Central HVAC installation, repair, or balancing

  • HVAC UVGI system installation

  • Adding a portable fan filter unit (PFFU)

  • Adding an indoor air purifier

  • Adding a window or windows to a small business

  • Adding a ceiling fan, exhaust fan, or box fan to help distribute air

  • Receipt of an indoor airflow and quality assessment

Program Funding Caps:

  • Small businesses are eligible to receive up to $10,000 in reimbursement from the RI Rebounds Ventilation Program

  • Small businesses may only receive $10,000 in total across the RI Rebounds Ventilation Program and the RI Rebounds Take It Outside Program

  • Small businesses may only receive $20,000 in total across the following RI Rebounds programs (Ventilation, Take It Outside, Technical Assistance, and Small Business Direct Grant)
    For more information on the funding caps, please refer to the FAQ.



Apply Now!

Make sure to select RI Small Business Coalition as your intermediary!

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