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Ivelisse Sabater

Board Member

Ivelisse Sabater is co-owner, COO/CFO of Sabater Laboratory for Psychological Innovations Inc alongside her husband, Julio Sabater PhD. For the past 8 years, committed to offering the highest level of quality psychological care, offering mental health and behavioral services for children, adolescents, families, and adults in English and Spanish.
● She is also co-founder and president of the SabaterLAB Foundation where she enjoys teaching skills to small business owner colleagues, executive board members, supervising high school interns, training staff, and learning valuable lessons from the lived experiences shared by the many people that she kindly serves.
● Ivelisse is an experienced educator by trade, and with more than 15 years in the field, she has been vastly recognized for her outstanding leadership roles, which reflect in her innate ability to motivate teamwork results that exceed expectations each time. Being determined has placed Ivelisse as principal recipient for grants, scholarships, and stipends, all which have served to fund many school projects and initiatives.
● She is well liked and respected among faculty, staff, parents, and students being consistently approached for guidance and support to assist with school issues, including issues that are related to students’ mental health.
● Ivelisse is wholeheartedly invested in our vision, leading with a strong commitment in serving uniquely diverse communities as a priority for SabaterLAB Foundation.
● Through accessible, equitable, and inclusive efforts to serve she eradicates existent disparities of partnerships, funding, programs, integrative services, and resources.
● Together with her husband, she is dedicated to advocate knowing that similar services are not always what we want or need them to be to genuinely help and understand communities and people of color.
● Ivelisse has earned a bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages from Rhode Island College. She also has completed graduate coursework in marriage and family counseling in trauma at Wladen University. She is currently completing a Master’s degree in Special Education at Worcester State University. More recently, she completed a Doctor of Theology degree from Dayspring Theology University.
● She has been married to her loving husband of 25 years Dr. Julio Sabater, and they have two daughters ages 24 and 18.

Ivelisse Sabater
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