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Mark Deion

Board Member

Mark S. Deion is the President and owner of DEION ASSOCIATES & STRATEGIES, INC. He has 45+ years of experience dealing with a vast array of businesses and related issues.

Whether it be financial or strategic planning, operational review and oversight, CEO services or crisis management, Mr. Deion brings a full range of business expertise to the client engagement. His client portfolio covers a vast array of industry types and sizes with annual revenues from 200K - 40MM. He has also provided consultant services to start-ups and pre-ventures. His extensive range of alliances with various other professionals ensures that client needs are definitively addressed.

While working towards business development in the US with various client companies, Mr. Deion has worked extensively with many government agencies such as the US Small Business Administration, the US Department of Commerce, the US Securities & Exchange Commission. His direct activities were key to garnering Congressional support for the US SBA and their loan and technical assistance programs. He communicates frequently with members of Congress and other US Government agencies to promote business development initiatives. Many of the educational programs which he has developed have been used by government agencies, colleges, universities and trade organizations. He was elected as a delegate to the 1995 White House Conference on Small Business and authored one of the top 20 recommendations in support of the US SBA. He has lectured at various colleges and universities teaching various small business topics including small business management and crisis management for turn-around tactics.

While working with various business development initiatives including access to capital, fair lending practices, and the creation of programs to foster business training and development in numerous venues, Mr. Deion also works extensively with legislative reform regarding: healthcare, prescription drug costs, minority and women-owned businesses, taxation, and international trade. He can frequently be found in Washington, D.C. advocating for many of these initiatives.

Mr. Deion’s expertise was used to facilitate the creation of a business development center in Belarus of the Former Soviet Union, and he has consulted with various private enterprises and government agencies in countries of the Former Soviet Union including Ukraine, Latvia and Russia. He was appointed to the Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission by US SBA Administrator Philip Lader during the Clinton Administration.

He has been the recipient of various awards and recognitions and has been quoted and published in various local and national publications. He has served on various Boards of non-profits and business-related organizations and continues to serve on a variety of Boards to further positive economic development in numerous venues.

Mark Deion
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